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Work with Other Health & Wellness Professionals

If you are interested in learning more about how to complement your practice with an additional stream of income while providing a much needed service to the public, contact me.

Laura has built an international network marketing organization and, most importantly, a healthy, vibrant, fulfilling life for herself and family.


If you partner with Laura, you’ll not only tap into one of the most sought-after business and network marketing mentors—you’ll also learn how to create your path of business ownership profitable, sustainable and most of all, enjoyable!


Laura’s Business Mentoring Program is geared towards:

  • Health & wellness professionals, including medical doctors, dietitians, holistic nutritionists acupuncturists, clinic owners, studio owners and fitness experts, who want to expand their wellness businesses and create a residual income source

  • People want to live what they teach and center a business around health, happiness and prosperity

  • Individuals with a strong desire to transition from a traditional job into owning their own business

  • People who have success but want to reinvent their lives and align their work with their life values


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