Evan Christian, aged 22, always struggled with his weight as a child due to poor nutritional habits and inactivity. “As an extremely overweight child, I was ridiculed because of my weight problem,” he said.


Evan’s mother, Cheryl Christian, decided to change the way her family ate. She began food prep days and engaged the entire family in stocking the fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked protein sources and other healthy foods.


“Diets never worked until our family decided to implement a low-glycemic eating plan with moderate exercise. By using the Quick Prep method of preparing low-glycemic foods, I have been able to manage my weight into adulthood,” Evan says.


The guidelines that are set out in this lifestyle-changing book are undoubtedly relevant for every North American family.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your wonderful cookbook!  I've been using the book for 3 weeks now and I have just loved every recipe we'd made. You've made the transition to eating lower glycemic foods very easy and tasty for myself and my family! We are all feeling very healthy and happy these days, and the quick prep method allows me to make healthy meals in a short amount of time. I am so excited about the book, and I've been telling my family and friends about it too.  Keep up the good work!


Thanks so much for your great talk. It was by far the most well attended event that we have ever had. Your presentation was fantastic. You presented scientific facts in an interesting and easy to follow format. Your enthusiasm and knowledge are clearly evident. I so appreciate all of your efforts in making this such a successful event. 


I would like to commend you for your efforts to bring forth the ideas regarding health and wellness at the recently completed Annual General Meeting in Richmond. Clearly the topic is extremely important for countless reasons and by touching a group as large as Field Services the words, ideas and thoughts can be far reaching to our family, friends and others.

Well let me tell you, I had failed at trying to lose weight for a long time until I discover you marvelous book. My husband is diabetic and as such loves to eat a lot and food is a great part of his enjoyment and mine. All the other diet recipes I followed were just not to his liking and resulted in more disagreement over what to eat for our meals. But I am so thrilled that he and I like every one of you recipes and that we both are now loosing weight steadily, I have lost 32 lbs so far and my husband around 15 lbs. Your use of spices is spectacular in giving your recipe this homey sensation so that we don’t get bored with too much “exotic” on the regular basis.

It’s true, perseverance pays off.  Participants in 2010’s—90 Days to Better Health Programs at Heather Hartridge Personal Fitness Training are achieving their goals. After 8 weeks, results verify that a healthy meal plan combined with nutritional supplementation and a consistent, moderate exercise program can produce not only significant weight loss but a host of other improvements.  For those that have focused on their goals and stuck to the plan, daily life has changed... for the better.


Betty and Tiffany are sisters that started the program together. The support they give each other is inspiring! Before entering the program, Betty was taking a number of medications and after 8 weeks, her doctor has drastically reduced her medications. She looks and feels fabulous. Tiffany’s goal was to lose weight and improve her mobility. She’s lost close to 15 lbs and moves with increased ease.


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